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Try to be the best with the tournament mode!
Turkey's most played card game tendered batak is now with you, with its Online option!
Set up your room, play swamp with your friend or play Online Batak with thousands of opponents. Batak has been prepared for you with its rich visual effects, simple and useful interface. Batak has been prepared as an online game.


Build rooms in 4 game types, play Co-op and Buried swamp like nowhere else.
Set the difficulty level of the room yourself.
Interact in-room.
Log in with your Facebook account, play Batak with your friends.
Do the achievements prepared for you, earn extra XP.
Add your opponents as friends, invite them to new games.
Follow the rankings in all game types, at the same time win surprise gifts by being the 1st of the day and the month.
See all the statistics of the profile.
Collect XPs, pass levels, be the 1st!
Get into the top 3 in the daily rankings and earn extra XP.
Chat feature coming soon!!

Play with your friends feature has been added, you can now invite your friends to your own room.
You can see which rooms your friends are in.
You can now add people you play Batak with as friends.
Interact with your opponents with in-game stereotypes or emojis.
With the Facebook invitation feature, you can send invitations to your friends and enjoy Batak Online with them.


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Paired Tender Batak,
Trump Spades,
Buried Batak,

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