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Download 101 Okey. 101 Okey, with its artificial intelligence, rich visual effects, simple and useful interface, download 101 Yüzbir Okey suitable for purpose. Play okey 101 against the computer without internet. Download Free 101 Okey. Have fun everybody.

Okey 101 is played in more than one round with four players. The aim of this game is to finish the game with as few points as possible. The player with the fewest points at the end of all rounds is the winner of the game. Points are determined by the numbers on the remaining pieces (example: one red 3 = three points, one black 11 = 11 points). The game consists of a certain number of rounds (example: 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 rounds). Each round lasts until one of the players finishes their hand.
After one player from among the players is determined as the dealer, the dealer distributes 21 stones to each player and gets 22 stones for himself. One piece remains open while the remaining pieces remain upside down on the table. This open piece determines the joker (OKEY piece). The game is played counterclockwise. The player starts the game and this player throws a stone without drawing a stone. Then he plays to his right. Each player whose turn it is either draws a stone from the deck or takes the last stone thrown by the previous player. After drawing stones, if the sum of the series in his hand reaches 101, he can open his hand (putting the series he has put on the table). When the player opens his hand, he puts the series in his hand next to the other series pieces on the table. If the player is unable to turn a stone on the table, he throws a stone on the table and avoids his turn. The player whose turn it is to play must complete his turn by throwing a stone on the table, even if he opens his whole hand, he has to throw the last stone on the table.
You must have at least 101 points to open a hand. To open a hand, you must have 3 or 4 sets of different colors with the same number (eg black 5, red 5 and one blue 5) or a sequential set of numbers of the same colors (eg red 7,8,9). There must be a minimum of 3 tiles in a set. In order to add stones to the existing opened stones, the player must reach the minimum number of 101 and open his hand. During the same game, you can both open your hand and add to other unlocked sets. If the player takes the stone thrown by the previous player, he has to use this piece. If the player who took this thrown stone has not opened his hand yet, he must open his hand when he receives this stone and this stone must also be used in one of the sets he opened. This taken stone is not allowed to stay in your hand in the cue. If this stone cannot be used for building a set or opening a hand, this piece is put back and a piece is drawn from the deck. No penalty points are awarded for this mistake.
Another way to open the hand is to collect at least five pairs of stones. It is understood from the couple that they are two similar stones. If the player opens the game by going double once, he cannot open a normal set again in this game. However, he can add stones to the sets on the table that other players have opened. If all four players at the table open pairs in the same game, this round will be canceled and a new game will be started. No player gets penalty points in this game.
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